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Cassava flour processing factory

  • Introduction

Cassava flour processing factory take cassava as raw material to produce high quality cassava flour. The whole process can be divided into seven steps, that is, raw material transportation, cassava cleaning and washing, cassava crushing, sand removal, dewatering, drying, sieving and packing.

cassava flour processing machineCassava flour processing machine

The following is the detail introduction of cassava flour processing step:

Step one - raw material transportation: to process cassava, we need firstly use truck to transport raw cassava from farmland to cassava flour processing factory. Then it is stored on stockyard waiting for processing. The second time transportation occurs when cassava flour processing starts, the cassava on stockyard is conveyed by belt conveyor to cleaning machine.

Step two - cleaning and washing: In cassava flour processing factory, cleaning and washing serves to remove the raw material surface adhesion mud sand. On the one hand, the stone, dirt skin and sand adhered to the surface of the raw material can be removed by the friction between the slurry blade and the raw material and between the raw materials; on the other hand, the raw material can be transported from the inlet to the outlet for discharging.

cassava flour processing factoryCassava washing machine

Spiral conveyor - this machine is installed between washing machine and crushing machine in cassava flour processing factory. It has two functions. Firstly, due to it is designed with spraying device, the residual mud and sand on the surface of cassava can be further removed; secondly, cassava are transported to the crushing machine for processing.

Step three - crushing: Due to starch is mainly stored in the fleshy part of the cassava tuber. Crushing serves to break down the tissue structure of cassava so that the small starch particles can be separated from the root tubers smoothly. Crushing is one of the most important processes in cassava flour processing factory, which is related to the flour yield and quality.

cassava flour processing factoryCassava grating machine

Step four - sand removal: quite a number of small cassava flour processing factory is now developed from manual workshop. Cassava flour produced has high sand content and poor taste, which greatly affects the sales volume and price of cassava flour, and thereof discourages the enthusiasm of producers. DOING company cassava flour making process uses desander for sand removal, which can remove the sand content in the starch at a time, so that the product quality reaches the first-class.

Step five - dewatering: Large scale cassava flour processing factory can choosing plate frame filter press for cassava flour dewatering. It has the advantages of high press pressure, good corrosion resistance, easy maintenance, safety and reliability. For small cassava flour processing factory and family-style workshops, hydraulic press can be used to achieve dewatering purpose.

cassava flour processing factoryPlate frame filter press

Step six - drying: When drying starts in cassava flour processing factory, wet cassava flour and hot air enters into the drying pipe at the same time, fully contact with each other for heat exchange, so as to achieve the drying of cassava flour. The drying strength of the starch flash dryer is large, and the wet cassava flour can be dried just within a few seconds. It is characterized by low temperature, high drying speed, no contact with the outside world without pollution.

Step seven - sieving and packing: After drying, the starch enters the vibrating sieving machine to separate large particles, thus improve the fineness and quality of cassava flour. Then cassava flour processing factory uses automatic packing device to pack the processed cassava flour into bags to avoid corrosion, ensure hygiene and facilitate transportation.

cassava flour processing factoryCassava flour sieving machine

Because cassava root tubers are extremely perishable, processing is important for cassava's future.The cassava processed products of Nigerian families and village workshops can be sold as convenience foods, especially cassava flour can be used as a partial substitute for flour. In January 2005, the federal government of Nigeria implemented a policy of "10% cassava flour must be included in bread", which increased the consumption of cassava by 400,000 tons per year. In addition, Nigeria has set up the "President's committee on cassava production and export promotion" to set an annual export revenue target of $500 million for cassava to promote the development of cassava industry, increase foreign exchange income and increase employment. Therefore establishing cassava flour processing factory in Nigeria is promising and profitable. Henan DOING are professional in manufacturing cassava flour processing machine, designing cassava flour processing factory layout, installation and debugging cassava processing equipment. If you are interested in cassava deep processing equipment and cassava processing factory, welcome to contact us.


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