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Cassava flour processing equipment

  • Introduction

The complete line of cassava flour processing equipment needs several machines to performance the affection of washing, rasping, filter pressing and drying. On the following is the working process of cassava flour.

The first important function of cassava flour processing equipment is cleaning. Doing Company's paddle washing machine can achieve more than 90% cleaning effect.

cassava flour processing equipmentCassava flour processing equipment

The set of cassava flour processing equipment is fully automatic, so the production process is continuous and it is food grade with high standard. Doing Company is the cassava flour processing equipment manufacturer, the strength of this type of supplier like us is that it eliminates the middleman's profit margin, the producer meets the user directly, simplifies the circulation process, shortens the circulation time, and realizes the real factory's preferential price.

In the second section-milling, the rasping machine will play a major role of grating the raw material.

cassava flour processing equipmentCassava crushing equipment

The characteristics of this cassava flour processing equipment includes the following points: The rotary speed is very high to ensures maximum efficiency; The high efficient and simple clamping bars make sure the blades working on optimum position; The blades can be easily replaced by unskilled workers; No special tool is needed.

But for small cassava flour production line, the grating machine can perform well. The grating machine has the advantages of simple structure, compactness, light weight, convenient operation and maintenance, high productivity, low power consumption and so on. Cassava flour was directly separated from fresh cassava by one-off grinding, pulping and pulp residue separation with the cleaned cassava as raw material. It is an ideal part of cassava flour processing equipment. The machine is suitable for urban residents and the majority of rural professional households and processing plants fixed-point or mobile processing.

cassava flour processing equipmentFilter press machine

This cassava flour processing equipment adopts the sawtooth taker roll, while running the machine, it is used to cut the fresh potato into fine filaments by high-speed rotating take roll, which has less debris and does not clog the filter screen. It is advantageous to the extraction of cassava powder, and the rack is sharp and wear-resistant, ensuring the continuity of operation.

As for the maintenance of cassava grating machine:

1. When using the machine, water tank needs to be filled, water pipe should be unblocked.

2. Check whether the processing material is no debris, When start this cassava flour processing equipment, you need to see whether the water supply system is adequate.

cassava flour processing equipmentCassava flour drying equipment

Filter press machine is for drying the crushed cassava pulp in the cassava flour processing equipment. After the feeding process is finished, the dehydration efficiency of the whole machine is improved by pressing the filter cake, and the dryness of the filter cake is added to reduce pollution and labor force, and even the drying process can be avoided in some processes.

For cassava flour drying machine, the fundamental choice is flash dryer, the cassava flour processing equipment is good effect with fast speed, but for small cassava flour processors or home-style workshops, the drying process can be completed by sunlight. This not only saves the cost, but also can achieve the effect of drying, but it's time-consuming and bad affection. Customers only need to choose their own methods according to their individual needs and budgets.


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