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Tapioca starch manufacturing plant

  • Introduction

Tapioca is produced in tropical and subtropical regions of the world and is the main source of starch in most tropical regions from Latin America, Africa to Asia. It is a drought-resistant, starch-rich crop. Tapioca starch is one of the main end products extracted from tapioca in tapioca starch manufacturing plant which is widely used in food, medicine, paper making, textile, oil drilling, building materials, feed and other fields.

Process flow of tapioca starch processing in tapioca starch manufacturing plant:

Conveying and cleaning-washing-crushing-separation-desanding-enrichment and refining-dewatering-drying-sieving and packing

The mainly used tapioca starch processing machine comprises the following:

Dry sieve, paddle washing machine, rasper, centrifuge sieve, fine fiber sieve, desander, peeler centrifuge, flash dryer, cassava starch sieving machine, packing machine and automatic control system.

tapioca starch manufacturing processTapioca starch manufacturing process

Equipment footprint in tapioca starch manufacturing plant

Tip: Contains the circulation pool, operation channel, equipment footprint, and console.

The following manuals all include cyclic replacement workers.

1). 3-4 tons of equipment footprint: 100-150 square meters, requiring 3-5 workers

2). 5-6 tons of equipment footprint: 150-200 square meters, requiring 3-5 workers

3). 7-8 tons of equipment footprint: 200-250 square meters, requiring 5-8 workers

4). 10 tons of equipment footprint: 250-300 square meters, requiring 5-8 workers

5). 15 tons of equipment footprint: 350-500 square meters, requiring 5-8 workers

tapioca starch manufacturing plantTapioca starch manufacturing plant

Brief overview of tapioca starch production process in tapioca starch manufacturing plant

Conveying and cleaning: The fresh tapioca in storage yard is firstly conveyed to dry sieve for cleaning by forklift. Cleaning mainly remove sand, stone and other foreign matters of cassava by rotating the inner spiral of dry sieve. The impurities therefore are effectively removed under the action of collision and friction.

Washing: Washing serves to wash away all the impurities of tapioca, such as mud, dirt and outer brown peelers. It is required that to check the water source in tapioca starch manufacturing plant regularly to ensure it is not contaminated.

Crushing: The main function of this operation is to crush cassava roots into slurry. It is the most important step in tapioca starch manufacturing plant for its decisive role in the final starch yield. Note: All the parts that contacted with material should be made from stainless steel to guarantee a clean and hygiene production environment.

Fiber separation: Physical separation is adopted for the separation of starch residue from slurry. By utilizing high speed centrifugal force, DOING centrifuge sieve can effectively remove the fibers from slurry. And fine fiber sieve use low speed centrifugal force to further remove fine fibers in tapioca starch manufacturing plant. Automatic front and back washing system is equipped to ensure the mesh penetration.

cassava grating machineCassava grating machine

Desanding: To remove sand out of starch slurry by principle of specific gravity separation thus to improve tapioca starch taste to further improve starch quality.

Enrichment and refining: Another key operation in tapioca starch manufacturing plant which will influence the starch extraction. Hydrocyclone station is used for removing soluble protein, insoluble protein and other impurities of starch slurry. 18 stage hydrocyclone in series is adopted to realize the washing, recovering and refining of starch milk.

Dewatering: To reduce water content of starch milk to realize the starch water content lower than 40% to facilitate drying operation.

Drying: Flash dryer is extensively used in tapioca starch manufacturing plant which can effectively dry wet starch to low moisture content by negative pressure dying system. Instantaneous drying system ensures high efficiency and moisture uniformity of starch.

Sieving and packing: The dried starch then enters into cassava starch sieving machine to remove large coarse particles in tapioca starch manufacturing plant to get high precision fine starch. The starch of required quality is then loaded into a woven polyethylene bag, seal or sew the bags to keep the starch clean during storage.

tapioca starch manufacturing machineTapioca starch dewatering machine

Features of the equipment of tapioca starch manufacturing plant

1). Advanced technology, introduce Germany Optibelt and Sweden bearing, sturdy and durable;

2). Small footprint, beautiful appearance and compact layout;

3). Less labor intensity and higher automation of tapioca starch manufacturing plant:

4). Low energy consumption, water saving, power saving, and low processing cost;

5). High starch extraction rate (more than 94%) in tapioca starch manufacturing plant;

6). Starch quality is high, reaching the national food grade standard;

7.) Stable performance, easy operation and maintenance.

8).Stainless steel material is adopted for contact material parts to ensure a clean and hygiene environment.

tapioca starch manufacturing plantTapioca starch manufacturing plant

Auxiliary facilities in tapioca starch manufacturing plant:

1). Transformers and distribution cabinets, water supply systems.

2). Corresponding warehouses and stacking sites, micro-powder collection tanks, transfer tanks, etc.

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