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Seitan extraction machine

Seitan extraction machine

Seitan extraction machine

The stallation and use of seitan extraction machine

1.The seitan making machine must be installed on level ground, tighten the foot bolt

2.Ensure the reverse direction of rotation of the two axis

3.Ensure the drive system work normal before power on

4.The temperature of the water is around 20℃

5.Washing the starch around 3-5 times, then we can get the gluten finally

Features of seitan extraction machine

1. Reasonable structure, attractive appearance, simple operation

2. Bucket can be turned face, to facilitate drainage, clean and sanitary

3. Time-saving, energy efficient, can be completed dough kneading, wash, filtration and other processes one time

4. excellent after-sales service

Parameters of seitan extraction machine

Model Output (kg/h) Power (kw) Outer size (mm)
SLM250 25Okg/h 6 2600 ×1000×1150
SLM500 50Okg/h 11 3000×1200×1200
SLM750 75Okg/h 15 3400×1400×1250


Application of seitan extraction machine

1.Wheat gluten production line

2.Wheat starch production line

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