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Highly efficient cassava cleaning machine products

Date:Aug 19, 2020/ Product/ Chat online/ Give me a price
  • Introduction

In the process of extracting starch from cassava, the first step is to clean the cassava. Because whether cassava is clean or not, it affects the purity and taste of starch. As cassava with high cleanliness, the less impurities in the extracted starch, the better the taste of the starch. Therefore, for starch producers, choosing a cassava cleaning machine products with high cleaning efficiency is essential in the process of extracting starch.

In Henan DOING, we have two cassava cleaning machine products. The first is a dry sieve, and the other is paddle washing machine.

cassava cleaning machineTwo cassava cleaning machine

Dry sieve:

In the cleaning step of the dry sieve, no water is required. The dry sieve continuously rotates to push the cassava forward through its inner spiral structure. In the process of pushing the cassava forward, it first cleans the dried up impurities on the surface of the cassava, such as sand, soil, and miscellaneous leaves.

The speed of the dry sieve is reasonable, which not only cleans the cassava for the first time to a large extent, but also does not damage the cassava. In addition, it has the advantages of simple structure, easy maintenance, low consumption, etc.

cassava cleaning machineThe advantages of dry sieve

Paddle washing machine:

Paddle washing machine is our second cassava cleaning machine products. The cassava that has been cleaned for the first time through the dry sieve is transported to the paddle washing machine to clean the more stubborn impurities on the surface. In this step, the machine needs water.

Paddle washing machine adopts the principle of counter-current washing, the rotation of the paddle drives the cassava raw material and the water flow in the sink to form a reverse movement, so as to achieve a better cleaning effect. Although water is needed in this cleaning step, the blade cleaning machine does not consume much water.

The special design of the paddle washing machine makes it run smoothly and clean more efficiently. Not only no damage to cassava, and energy saving and water saving.

cassava cleaning machineThe paddle washing machine of Henan DOING

These two cassava cleaning machine products of Henan DOING have their own advantages. They are widely praised by customers, who have a high rate of repurchase.


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